Welcome to SplashGames

Welcome to SplashGames We are a new community. We got a discord server, youtube channel and also a Minecraft server, we are striving to be one of the best Faction servers out there, we offer unique plugins, configs and maps to make the best experience for the players. We are working very hard on the server, and pushing out as many updates as we can so you can recieve a smooth, working server.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How old do I have to be to purchase a rank?

A: You must be 18+ to purchase a rank, or have permission from a parent/guardian.


Q: Can I refund/Chargeback?

A: No. Refunds are not allowed, all donations are final. Forcefully refunding or chargebacking will result in a ban, and a PayPal dispute will be taken against you. Please note that chargebacking is illegal.


Q: I accidently bought a rank for the wrong username.

A:  If you purchased an item for an incorrect name, we can do a rank transfer asap, however this may take time. We will need to see prove that it was you that purchased the item.


Q: Do I have to purchase a rank?

A: Not at all! You are not being forced to purchase a rank, however doing so greatly helps out the server, and allows us to provide a greater experience for you. Whether that be more gamemodes, plugins, items. Purchasing a rank helps us stay alive, and doing so is highly appriciated.